June 26, 2023: A group of climbers successfully summited Nanga Parbat today. Kristin Harila, accompanied by her experienced sherpa team, and Mexico’s talented climber, Viridiana Alvarez, also summited Nanga Parbat.

For Harila and Tenjen Sherpa, this marks their tenth peak conquered as part of their remarkable 14×8,000’ers challenge. Throughout this year, Tenjen Sherpa has consistently led Harila’s dedicated sherpa team on each of their expeditions to various 8,000-meter summits.

Coincidentally, Pasdawa Sherpa, who supported Harila on her initial attempt to conquer the 14×8,000’ers within six months last year, also reached the summit today. Joining forces with American climber Gina Marie Han-Lee and Nawang Sherpa, Pasdawa successfully scaled Nanga Parbat.

Nima Rinji Sherpa and his climbing partner Pasang Nurbu Sherpa successfully climbed This morning, 26th June 2023, at 7:15 am local time becoming the world’s youngest climber to have scaled an 8126-metre peak.

Furthermore, Sophie Lavaud, accompanied by Dawa Sangay, Francois Damilano, and Ulysse Lefevre, fulfilled her ambitious quest of conquering all 14×8,000’ers today. Another noteworthy accomplishment came from Tunc Findik of Turkey, who undertook the challenging ascent without the use of supplemental oxygen, although official confirmation regarding his complete ascent without bottled oxygen is yet to be received.

Sajid Sadpara from Pakistan achieved a remarkable feat by reaching the summit without the assistance of supplemental oxygen. It is estimated that approximately ten more climbers are expected to summit later today.

Reports from Base Camp indicate that weather conditions are deteriorating, but there is a possibility of another favorable weather window in early July, which could allow for additional successful ascents. Meanwhile, a significant number of climbers have commenced their approach trek from Skardu towards K2 and Broad Peak, with the aim of reaching Base Camp by the end of this week.

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