April 27, Kathmandu:


Annapurna Summit Update

According to Chhang Dawa Sherpa fixing team fixed the route until Camp 4. Climbers are ascending towards Camp 4 today. If everything goes according to plan they are attempting a summit on 28 April Morning.

Adriana Brownlee of the UK who is aiming to become the youngest person to complete the 14* 8000’ers is also in Camp 4. She’ll try to summit Annapurna on April 28.

 Grace Tseng from Taiwan is also on Annapurna. Her sherpa reported that they would try to summit by “the end of April”.

annapurna 1
Image source: Chhang Dawa Sherpa


Sherpa rope fixing team is gaming to reach Camp 4 today. If everything goes all right they are planning to summit tonight or tomorrow. Climbers attempting Manaslu are not posting any updates on Social Media.


The rope fixing team led by Migma G is about to head for the summit. Climbers are waiting for the rope fixing team. Sirbaz Khan is set off for the summit. According to Saad Munawar Khan has not used supplementary O2.