March 14, Kathmandu: Mountaineers have organized the world’s tallest tea party at Mount Everest. The group hosted a tea party at Camp 2 in Everest, Nepal (21-312 feet above sea level) last year.

The tea party has managed to get a name in the Guinness World Records. Which was officially recognized by Guinness this month.

Organized by the team of renowned climber Andrew Hughes, the tea party was officially recognized by Guinness World Records on March 1, 2022, as the new world record for the highest tea party ever held.

In Nepal, tea is more than warm in every cup, he says. The warmth of the tea in hand also gives an opportunity to warm one’s heart and lift one’s spirits, regardless of the weather conditions outside, said Andrew.

Adequate research was done to include the components required to recognize the new world record. Andrew expressed his desire to find a way to bring back the notable local mountaineers and support staff to the Everest base camp, without which the dream of climbing Everest would never have been possible. gif maker 2 1
Image Source: Andrew Hughes