December 07, Kathmandu: A famous adventure sport, the game of walking in the iron path in the rocks has started for the first time in Nepal.

The Via Ferrata playground was built for the first time on the way to the 6151-meter Galgen Mountain base camp under the Jugal range.

An 80-meter-long playground has been constructed on the 4100-meter-high cliff with the investment of the Department of Tourism.

It is said that this game, which has been famous in Europe, France, Italy, Germany, and other countries for years, has potential in Nepal as well.

The department has constructed the playground for the first time saying that this game will help in the promotion of adventure tourism.

An eight-member team, including an international mountain guide, spent 25 days building the venue for the game

In this game, you have to walk on a steep slope. It is said to be used to travel from one village to another in the Himalayan region.

International Mountain Guide Gurung says that this adventure sport started to spread around the world after being used to go from one village to another during the Second World War.

He said that the government should focus on the promotion of the game in collaboration with the local level as it has more potential in Nepal.

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