As the increase in Corona Virus, on arrival visas, which had been closed by the government since February 2020, were reopened. Along with this, foreign tourists visiting Nepal will now be able to get visas from the airport.

The government has said that corona infections are declining worldwide and the number of vaccinated people has increased.

According to the prevailing law, foreign tourists who have completed both doses of vaccine against Covid 19 in the countries can get an on-arrival visa and not require to stay in quarantine.

Citizens of countries that used to come to Nepal on arrival visas before the COVID will now be able to come on arrival visas.

Travelers have to show the following documents for getting On-arrival Visa

  1. Certification of COVID 19 Vaccination at least 14 Days should be completed after the vaccination period
  2. RT PCR Negative report within 72 hours of Check In time
  3. Copy of necessary documents or permits for Trekking and Expedition
  4. Print barcode of International online arrival CCMC form
  5. Proof of hotel booking

Foreign nationals submitting documents will be issued an on arrival visa at the immigration point and will be allowed to enter Nepal if the report is negative after testing for antigen.

Similarly, in the case of citizens of countries other than India entering Nepal by land, the COVID-19 Vaccination Certificate and the negative test report of COVID-19 within 72 hours of entering Nepal is required and should Obtain a visa for entry into Nepal from the concerned mission in abroad. Tourists who submit the required documents will be allowed to enter Nepal by land if the report is negative after testing the antigen at the immigration point.

If the test cannot be done at the immigration point, such a test has to be done at the hotel where you are staying.

After the first wave of COVID 19, tourists were allowed to come to Nepal with visas from the Nepalese embassy in the respective country

However, after the second wave started spreading from April, the government had stopped tourist traffic along with international flights

The government has decided to ease the movement of foreign tourists as the COVID case is decreasing

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