Sep 13, 2023: For the autumn season, permits for Himalayan climbing have begun. Along with the climbing permits, 284 climbers, including Manaslu, have been granted permission to climb five different mountains.

Due to the avalanche incident in Manaslu last year, the estimated number of permits to be issued this year has decreased. Last year, when the avalanche occurred, only a few climbers were able to climb Manaslu, and half of them had to cancel their ascent. After last year’s avalanche, around a dozen climbers had gone missing. Following the incident, more than half of the climbers had to cancel their ascent. Last year, for the autumn season, only 404 climbers received permission to climb Manaslu Himal. This year, there is hope for an increase in the number of climbers, although fewer permits have been issued.

For this autumn season, the Tourism Department has issued permits to only 266 climbers for Manaslu. In total, 224 men and 60 women from 44 different countries have been granted permission to climb Manaslu (8,163 meters), Kshauria (6,593 meters), Putha Hiunchuli (7,246 meters), Kumbhakarna (Janu) (7,746 meters), Himlung Himal (7,126 meters), and Nemjung (7,140 meters).

The government has collected a royalty fee of NPR 346,693,000 from them. From climbing Manaslu Himal alone, the government has collected a royalty fee of NPR 198,655,375.

Dawa Phuti Sherpa, the manager of Imagine Nepal Treks, stated that many climbers have faced difficulties climbing Manaslu compared to last year. Last year, 15 climbers climbed Manaslu through her company, but now only 24 climbers remain.

Minma Sherpa, the chairman of Elite Expeditions, a company that specializes in mountain expeditions, stated that the number of climbers for Manaslu has decreased this season. However, the numbers for other Himalayan mountains are relatively stable.

The responsibility for “rope fixing” on Manaslu has been given to Imagine Nepal Treks. Dawa Phuti Sherpa, the company’s manager, mentioned that her team successfully fixed ropes up to Camp 2 (6,400 meters) on Manaslu. Weather permitting, they plan to continue fixing ropes up to Camp 4 (7,400 meters) within the week.

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