March 10, 2024: Recent statistics reveal a noteworthy surge in tourist footfall within the picturesque confines of the Kanchenjunga region. Over the past three months alone, a staggering 650 foreign tourists have ventured into the area’s breathtaking landscapes.

Dobhan Limbu, serving as the Information Officer at the Office of The Kanchenjunga Conservation Area Management Council, disclosed that the base camp of the majestic Kanchenjunga Mountain has been graced by the presence of these enthusiastic travelers in the inaugural season of the current fiscal year.

An equivalent number of domestic tourists have also explored the area, although there remains a dearth of organized data management concerning their visits, as confirmed by the Council Office. This surge in tourism has ignited a sense of jubilation among the local hoteliers, who eagerly anticipate further spikes in tourist arrivals during the forthcoming second season from April to June.

Comparing the current influx to the preceding year, where a mere 439 foreign tourists explored the Nepalese landscape, the data furnished by the Council indicates a substantial surge of 211 foreign tourists in the ongoing fiscal year.

The resurgence in tourism activity is poised to revitalize the region’s economic landscape, as emphasized by Man Kumar Limbu, the office secretary at the Council. The gradual return to normalcy in the Kanchenjunga mountain area, once bereft of visitors due to the COVID-19 pandemic, marks a promising shift for the local communities whose livelihoods depend predominantly on tourism.

With tourism serving as the lifeblood of the region’s economy, the renewed influx of visitors has injected a renewed sense of optimism among tourism entrepreneurs and hoteliers alike. As the Kanchenjunga region gradually reclaims its status as a sought-after destination, the prospect of economic revitalization looms ever closer.

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