November 04, Kathmandu: International rescue team fails to search for Cheten Sherpa who is missing while returning from Mera peak since October 21. Local tourist guides and rescue teams searched continuously by air and land, but could not find Chetan’s condition.

From the day of the disappearance, local guides had been working daily to find him from Khare.Shantavir Lama, president of the Nepal Mountaineering Association, said to that the team returned to Kathmandu on Monday after the team could not find out the missing Cheten Sherpa. The search will be postponed for now and the search for Chetan’s body will begin as soon as the snow level recedes, said Chairman Lama.

10 Citizens including two foreigners were trapped in Mera peak due to heavy snowfall. others were rescued and bought to Kathmandu. Chetan Sherpa and the team went to Mera peak to set a record by performing dance on Mera peak.

Chetan Sherpa was lost while returning from Mera peak.

mera peak rescue
Mera peak