Nov 16, 2023: The number of tourists returning from the Khumbu (Everest) region has been increasing steadily. The Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal, Lukla, has informed that there is a continuous rise in the influx of tourists returning from Khumbu trekking along with the decrease in temperature. On Wednesday alone, around 200 tourists left Khumbu.

Senior official Kiran Gautam revealed that about 200 tourists left Khumbu through 12 aircraft. The pressure on people returning from Khumbu is increasing, and the pressure on the ticket counters of the airlines is also rising, as per his statement.

Even though the number of people coming from Kathmandu is relatively low, those coming from Lukla are noteworthy, according to the Civil Aviation Authority of Lukla. In this season, the majority of those touring Khumbu are foreigners.

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