July 20, 2023: In the span of one year, more than 57,000 tourists have visited the Khumbu region for the exploration of Mount Everest, the world’s highest peak, and the surrounding Sagarmatha National Park. This information was provided by the office of Sagarmatha National Park. In the previous fiscal year (2079/80), the number of tourists who visited the Khumbu region was 385 in Saun (July-August), 690 in Bhadra (August-September), 6,731 in Aswin (September-October), 13,158 in Kartik (October-November), and 4,065 in Mangsir (November-December). These statistics were shared by the information officer of the park, Mr. Manoj Mandal.

Similarly, in the coming months, around 1,920 tourists are expected to visit Khumbu in Poush (December-January), 806 in Magh (January-February), 2,322 in Phagun (February-March), 7,391 in Chaitra (March-April), 15,177 in Baisakh (April-May), 3,917 in Jestha (May-June), and 1,129 in Asar (June-July).

Overall, in one year, 44,413 foreign tourists, 6,881 Nepali tourists, and 645 tourists from SAARC countries have visited the Khumbu region. This marks an increase from the previous fiscal year (2078/79), during which 26,474 tourists visited Khumbu, indicating a growth in tourist numbers despite the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and the prevailing global economic conditions, as reported by the park authorities.

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