April 21, Kathmandu: A team of chefs, including BBC Master Chef Santosh Sah, has completed a campaign to promote Nepal’s original food, culture, and various tourist destinations.

The Nepal Chapter of the Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA) brought the finalists of “BBC Master Chef: The Professional 2020” to Nepal as part of its campaign to revive the Nepali tourism sector after the Covid-19 epidemic.

Famous celebrity chefs have observed and explored the original food in various destinations of Nepal.

According to Pata Nepal, the visit and activities of the master chefs in Nepal have been an integral part of the global resource market, including Nepal’s original food and culture.

The Pata Nepal Chapter has written that it has also helped in the promotion of Nepal Destination among the communities involved in the social networks and networks of Master Chef.

It has also been mentioned that the master chefs have inspired the Nepali youth chefs and hospitality students to engage in the latest practices, continuous exploration, and effective promotion of Nepali food.

A team including Chef Alex, Chef Bart, and Chef Philip along with Master Chef Santosh Sah arrived in Kathmandu on April 7, 2022. The team has participated in tourism promotion activities in different places in Nepal for 10 days.