October 08, Kathmandu: The UK has removed Nepal from the red list. The decision, made by the UK government on Thursday, will be effective from next Monday.

The British government had blacklisted 54 countries, including Nepal, for the purpose of controlling corona infection. But on Thursday, 47 countries were removed from the red list.

The British Ambassador to Nepal Nicola Polit has informed through Twitter that Nepal will be removed from the red list from Monday

But seven countries, including Panama, Colombia, Venezuela, Peru, Ecuador, Haiti, and the Dominican Republic, remain on the UK’s red list

After the removal of Nepal from the red list, the spokesperson of the Nepalese Embassy in London, Mrs. Roshan Khanal, welcomed the decision of the British Government. According to him, now it will be easier for Nepali students and travelers to travel to the UK.

Earlier this year, the UK categorized countries around the world as “red”, “yellow” and “green”.Following Thursday’s decision, the UK removed the yellow list and increased the number of countries on the green list