February,19,2023: The 11th National Kayak Slalom and 7th National Rafting Competition are set to take place on Tuesday at the breathtaking Bhotekoshi River in Sukute, Sindhupalchok. The event, which has been listed in the Nepal Rafting Canoeing Association’s annual program, will run from the 9th to the 11th of February. The association has confirmed the participation of 15 teams from the Nepal Police Club, APF Club, Tribhuvan Army Club, and several other rafting companies and clubs.

The competition will be graced by the esteemed presence of the president of the World Rafting Federation Asia, adding an international flavor to the event. It’s important to note that kayak slalom is an individual sport, while rafting is a group sport.

The organizers have revealed that the winners of the competition will be awarded trophies, in addition to cash prizes. The Bagmati Province Sports Development Council is providing financial support for the competition, making it possible to hold such a grand event amid Nepal’s stunning natural beauty.

In conclusion, the upcoming National Kayak Slalom and Rafting Competition promise to be an exciting event filled with thrill, adventure, and sportsmanship. It’s an excellent opportunity to witness some of the country’s finest athletes in action, showcasing their talents in a challenging and thrilling environment. The participants are sure to put on a captivating display of skill and technique as they navigate through the rapids of the Bhotekoshi River. All eyes are eagerly awaiting the start of this event, and we wish the participants the best of luck!