May 01, 2023: The Nepalese Tourism Department has taken steps to ensure the safety and monitoring of Mount Everest climbers during this year’s spring season. The department has established a contact office at the Everest Base Camp to keep an eye on the activities of climbers and monitor the entire expedition period along with the climbing team.

To maintain the efficiency of the operation, the tourism department has warned that contact officials who fail to reach the base camp will not receive their allowances. Additionally, they have announced that climbers who produce fake photos and documents to claim that they have completed their ascent will also need to establish a contact office at the base camp.

According to Mr. Vijay Kumar Koirla, the Mountaineering Branch Officer of the department, seven employees have been deployed for the entire climbing season to manage the estimated number of climbers who will begin their ascent. This initiative aims to control illegal activities such as fights between climbers, traffic jams on the climbing route, problems in rescue operations, and the failure of contact officials to reach the base camp.

Moreover, there is a legal provision that only allows one contact officer to accompany mountain climbers going above 6,500 meters in Himalayan mountaineering. This provision will help ensure the safety of climbers and prevent overcrowding on the mountain.

The establishment of the contact office is a step towards safer and more organized climbing on Mount Everest. With the help of the tourism department’s monitoring and control, climbers will be able to enjoy a safer and more enjoyable expedition experience.