March 20, Sauraha: The tourism business in Sauraha, which has been affected by the Corona epidemic for a long time, is returning to normal. Lately, not only foreign tourists but also domestic tourists have started coming to Sauraha.

Former president of the Regional Hotel Association Sauraha Suman Ghimire said that the business of Sauraha is moving towards normal.” Sauraha’s average occupancy is around 40 percent. Now we are close to that average, ”he said. There are 2,500 beds in 110 tourist hotels in Sauraha. Of these, occupancy is said to be 35 to 40 percent every day.

Gunaraj Thapaliya, general secretary of the Regional Hotel Association, Sauraha, said that the businessmen affected by the corona have received some relief.”It is now clear that domestic tourists can sustain their business.

Thapaliya informed that the number of foreign tourists visiting Sauraha has also started increasing recently. Now tourists from India and Europe have started coming.”If the flow of foreign tourists continues to improve, tourism in Sauraha will return to normal,” he said.