March 16, Mugu: With the onset of a suitable season for visiting Rara Lake, a major tourist destination of Karnali, tourism activities have been increasing.

With the end of the snowfall, the roads and airways came into regular operation, and now it is easy to reach Rara. Conservation Officer of Rara National Park Badribinod Dahal said that domestic tourists have started coming to Rara with the onset of the Rara tour season. According to him, 50 to 60 domestic tourists are visiting Rara daily by air. He informed that the bustle has been increasing since the domestic tourists started coming to Rara.” Tourists who come to Rara now can enjoy the snow enough,” he said. “Horse traders, boatmen, and hoteliers are ready to welcome tourists.”

Locals of Murma, Jhayari, Pina, Kotilla, and other settlements have reared about 150 horses to take tourists around Rara. According to a tourism entrepreneur, Rara’s tourism sector, which has been deserted due to the Corona epidemic, has been on the rise nowadays.

Rara lake