June 06, Kathmandu: The Khumbu area of ​​Solukhumbu, which was crowded with tourists some time ago, is now deserted. As the season ends Airports, hotels, lodges, camping sites, roadsides, and scenic spots are deserted.

According to Yangji Sherpa, a local hotelier the hoteliers here, who were unable to provide services due to the arrival of many tourists at the same time in the middle of the tourist season, are free now. She said, “We are busy welcoming tourists during the season, that’s why we are going to relax and go for a walk now.”

Lama Kaji Sherpa, a tourism entrepreneur, said that only a limited number of tourists can be found on the trails now.

As tourism is the main source of income for the citizens of this region, they have become leisurely after the end of the season.

According to locals, the tourist season in the Khumbu region, which starts in the second week of March, ends in the last week of May.

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