November 19, 2022: Two foreign women have died in Mesokanto La Pass Phedi in Mustang.Rataya Philaisengsuri, 49, and Penny Aranlum, 37, both from Thailand, died on Friday morning.

A group of 22 people including 12 foreigners, 8 porters, and 2 guides, who set out on a round-trip Annapurna trail journey from Besi Sahar in Lamjung on November 11, reached Tilicho Lake on November 17. The world’s highest lake, Tilicho, is located at an altitude of 4919 meters above sea level. Two tourists from Thailand died at the foot of Mesokanto La Pass, which is 4200 meters above sea level while descending from Manang to, the small village of Mustang.

According to sources, two foreign female tourists fell ill and were injured while entering a Mustang through Tilicho Lake. Another two climbers 37-year-old Phanita Nakasingh and 42-year-old Mathura Tsaikanan, who were sick due to extreme cold and high altitude, were rescued from the Mustang by Air Dynasty Heli on Friday afternoon.

Among the 22 people who walked on the Annapurna trail, one foreigner and one Nepali returned from Tilicho Lake to Manang, while 14 foreign tourists and porters who were safe arrived in Jomsom on Friday evening.

Two porters are sitting at the foot of Mesokanto La Pass waiting for the bodies of two foreign women who died in Mesokanto La Pass.

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source: Annapurna