October 20, Solukhumbu: Two other Nepalis, including a British national, have been found in Mera peak. Another Nepali is missing.

One British man and three Nepalis went missing on their way back from Mera peak due to heavy snowfall.

Stu Sion, a British national who has been stranded there since Tuesday afternoon, Pasang Chhiring Sherpa of Mahakulung 3 in Solukhumbu and Pasang Sherpa have been kept in a camp in Khongmading.

Seven climbing Sherpas who went to the rescue on Wednesday morning rescued a British man and two Nepalis trapped in Merala and sent them to Khongmading

A 15-member Nepali climbing team had gone to Mera peak to ‘dance’ at a high place and set a Guinness Book of Records. They ‘danced’ in the mountain and recorded a video of it.

But on the way back, two people were left out of the group of 15 due to heavy snowfall. One of the two has been found and the other is still missing.

The British national and his Nepali guide who went missing while returning from the same mountain have also come in contact. British citizens have fallen ill due to heavy snowfall.

Initiatives are being taken to rescue them.

The Nepali team, including the British, had gone there last October to climb the 6,476-meter-high Merapik mountain.

Rescue Helicopter landed at Lamidanda

The helicopter that came to the Mera peak area to rescue tourists trapped in the snow has made an emergency landing at Lamidanda in Khotang due to inclement weather.

According to the company, if the weather is favorable on Thursday morning, they will reach Khongmading and rescue a foreigner and two other Nepalis.

Mera peak