Seti Pokhari

Kathmandu, October 09: The endangered Setipokhari lake will be protected

The conservation plan of Mera peak in Mahakulung Village Municipality Ward No. 3 and Setipokhari Ground Lake at the foot of Chamlang will be taken forward.

After dozens of settlements were displaced by the Setipokhari avalanche following the 2072 earthquake, the UNDP has finally taken the lead after repeated conservation initiatives.

In today’s virtual meeting of UNDP and the village municipality, it was agreed to give concrete form to the conservation of Setipokhari Glacier, said municipality Chairman Sagar Kiranti. The project will include drainage of the lake, installation of early information system, and bio-engineering works said project support officer Prakriti Jisi.

Located at an altitude of 5,205 meters above sea level, the lake has an area of ​​950 square meters and a depth of 205 feet.

Earlier, 24 houses in Gum and Simbaldo villages of Mahakulung Ward No. 1 were displaced due to the Setipokhari avalanche.