November 15, Mugu: US Ambassador to Nepal Randy Berry, Australian Ambassador to Nepal Philippi Volk, and British Ambassador Nicola Polit Rara are visiting. This is the first visit by a foreigner to Rara since the Corona epidemic. Chief District Officer Rom Bahadur Mahat said that the US and Australian ambassadors had visited Rara to study the impact of climate change in the district and to observe the projects of their country through NGOs operating in Mugu.

This is the private visit of the ambassadors of the three countries, said Mahat. After reaching Rara, the ambassador visited Murma village and inquired with the locals about the impact of climate change, the grievances, and the work done by the non-governmental organizations.

In 2011, ambassadors from six countries visited Rara. After that, the ambassadors of the US, UK, and Australia visited Rara this time, said tourism entrepreneur Raju Karki. According to Karki, the visit of the ambassadors is expected to help in the tourism sector and attract investment.

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