November 25, 2022:The picture of the snow leopard taken in Nepal by Kitia Pawlowski, an American photographer who gained popularity on social media, is a ‘fake’.

“Alpine International Magazine” has claimed that during the “fact check” of the photo, the fact that the photo of the snow leopard, which is said to have been taken by Pawlowski in the Everest region of Nepal, is fake. Alpine International Magazine is a popular magazine run by experts in mountain life, nature, and photography.

As stated in Fact Check, there is also doubt as to whether Pawlowski is a photographer or not.

It is mentioned in the fact check, “Generally, the same thing happens in the world of mountain photography. But a beginner photographer, a student photographer, may get a lucky chance to find such a scene. And Kitia Pawlowski might even be lucky enough to find some snow leopard shots. Even after spending years in the Himalayas, some people can barely see a glimpse. But the problem lies in the nature of the pictures. Their structure, light, is in their place. In other words, in their truth. The problem is the nature of the pictures, their composition, the lighting, and their location. In other words, their authenticity is in question.

According to the report, Pawlowski’s photos are excellent, but they are not natural and are mostly created using software such as Photoshop.

The magazine also suspected the photographer’s social network (Instagram). There are only 5 photos on the photographer’s Instagram, 4 of which are of snow leopards and one of her. Why are other galleries not seen?” the magazine asked.

Fact Check claims, “Pawlowski has expertise in using Photoshop.” She used that expertise.

The images were viral on social media.