February 19, Kathmandu: According to the Geljie Sherpa the wind is moving at the speed of 90 Km/hrs approximately right here at Camp 1. Despite the wind, we are still on the plan to move higher with the whole team of 10 climbers together. We are on the plan to reach camp 2 and look out for the next day to go higher.

He wrote “Although the weather seems tricky on the day of the 21st of February which has few hours of less wind above 7500 meters, even so, we are looking out for those few hours of the morning for making the final summit push”our whole team is aiming for the summit on 21st he added.

Cho oyu 2
Image source: Geljen Sherpa

While the other team who are attempting Cho Oyu from another ridge of Nepal Side made a move until camp 2 and they are also on move towards camp 3.