February 13, Kathmandu

Cho Oyu

Geljin Sherpa team Touch CAMP II.according to him “OUR TEAM TOUCHED CAMP 2” After fixing more than 2000 meters from camp 1. We touched camp 2 he added.

They deposited a few oxygen bottles, ropes, and tents in camp 2 and they headed back to camp 1 as the weather seems bad. Their next goal is to fix the rope up to the final camp until February 15 before the summit.

Another team led by Mingma Dorchi sherpa has set up Camp I and they are planning to open a route up to Camp II.

Cho oyu 1
Image source:Geljin Sherpa


Sherpa fixing team has set camp below Camp III just 200m below the actual Camp III. The weather forecast is not good for the next few days so the team thinks the best decision is to stay at C2 couple of days and the reaming team members have been waiting at Camp 2 looking to go higher as soon as the wind decreases. They have been waiting at Camp 2 for 3 days but the weather doesn’t seem to be improving for couple more days. So, the team has decided to get down to the base camp tomorrow and wait further. The 17 February could be summit Day, but it’s uncertain and not yet fixed, we will see what will be whether the weather permits us to climb the team said.

It was reported that last night there were strong winds and even they were unable to make proper communication at base camp. While the communication base camp crew couldn’t hear the voice well because of the winds.