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January 28,

Cho Oyu

The other team is also attempting winter Cho Oyu From the Nepal side. The second team is led by Mingma Dorchi Sherpa team includes Pemba Ongchhu sherpa, Pasang Dorjee sherpa, Mingma Dorchi sherpa, Pasang Tenji Sherpa, Lakpa thendu sherpa, Phurbu Kusang sherpa, and Karma Gyaljen sherpa. The team is currently on the way to Thame. The goal of the team led by Mingma Dorchi sherpa and the team led by Gelje Sherpa is the same ( open a new commercial route from the Nepal side).

cho oyu1
Image Source:Ngaa Tenji Sherpa

Gelje sherpa’s team is intending to open a route from the Nangpa La Mingma Dorchi Sherpa’s team ┬áhas not specified the beginning of their route.

Winter K2

Today after a puja ceremony on base camp climbers moved towards Camp I.

winter k2
Image source: Grace Tseng


Video source: Jost Kobusch

Jost Kobusch climbed up to Camp II he returned due to wind. His tent was damaged by wind. He successfully returned to base camp.Jost Kobusch has currently turned off his Gps Location.