February 24, Kathmandu


Winds are delaying summit push in K2. Sherpa’s has successfully opened and fixed the rope between C3-C4 and returned safely at C3.

The earlier plan was to get to the summit by today or tomorrow. But with the gusts of wind of more than 40 km/h and concerns over time and safety, the team has decided to stay put at Camp 3 for today according to the Expedition organizing company.

Depending on the weather conditions for tomorrow and the day after, the team will decide whether to go forward for the summit push or descend towards the lower camp they wrote.


Jost Kobusch’s tracker shows that he is currently at an elevation of 6646m. Jost Kobusch wrote “The latest weather report shows that the Jet Stream isn’t going back completely yet. So there are still high wind speeds. I’m back on the rise now anyway. At this point, of course, I have to say that the summit opportunities actually no longer exist. The only chance left is that I get higher than the last time, see more and gain experience. Maybe I’ll even break my own record. The chances of this – no idea! Ima sees what it really is like when I get up. If the risk is too high, then there is no shame in just stepping off again.t would be a shame to leave the equipment on the mountain though. This would be pollution. Therefore, the goal of this ascent is to at least get the equipment down and otherwise see what else is going on.”

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Credit: Reality maps