February 10: Manaslu Winter Expedition 2022 Ended. Strong winds and more snow are predicted in the weather forecast.

According to Simone Moro, they cant go “The problem is that you can’t really go beyond Camp 1”, they can go up to Camp 1 easily but after that when real climbing begins there is a high danger of avalanche and strong winds. We are using this sunny day to pack everything because tonight it is already starting to snow and it will continue tomorrow and the day after he added.

manaslu 1
Image source:Alex Txikon

According to Alex Txikon, this was a bad winter.

According to Oswald Pereira,” “We don’t want to risk our lives or the lives of those working and climbing with us.”

Manaslu winter 1
Image source:Alex Txikon

The Expedition lasted for 58 days climbers spent their most of time in Samagaon village or in Kathmandu.