Jan 06, 2024: Revenue at Sagarmatha National Park, located in the Everest region, has gone up by 10 percent.

In the first half of this fiscal year, the park brought in more than Rs 69.67 million, marking an increase of approximately Rs 7 million compared to the previous year, as shared by Manoj Kumar Mandal, the information officer for the park.

Tourism contributed the highest amount to the revenue, reaching Rs 66.67 million. Other sources of income included the sale and distribution of forest produce, amounting to Rs 40,830, and fines. Mandal, who also serves as the park’s conservation officer, emphasized that tourism is the primary revenue stream.

During this fiscal year, 28,390 tourists visited the Everest region. The park charges Rs 100 per person for Nepali visitors, Rs 1,500 for tourists from SAARC countries, and Rs 3,000 for those from non-SAARC countries. Additionally, a landing fee of Rs 3,000 is applied for each helicopter landing, according to the national park office.