Exciting news has emerged from the Elephant Breeding and Training Center in Khorsor, located within Nepal’s Chitwan National Park, as staff, elephant mahouts, and elephants are celebrating the birth of a newborn elephant named Gandakikali. The team is taking special care of Gandakikali and her calf as she had previously experienced difficulty giving birth and underwent surgery. Doctors and technicians at the Breeding and Training Center and the National Nature and Conservation Fund are monitoring their health regularly.

The calf was not allowed to drink milk from the mother elephant, and hence the employees of the center are feeding the calf with powdered milk mixed with water according to a specific diet. Chaudhary, the deputy superintendent of the center, stated that the calf was not receiving its natural diet because it was not living in its natural habitat.

Dr. Vijay Kumar Shrestha, a senior veterinary doctor at Chitwan National Park, revealed that this was the first time an elephant calf was born after undergoing surgery in Nepal. The mother elephant, Gandaki Kali, had been experiencing pain for a long time, and hence the surgery was performed.

According to Amrit Saudal, a veterinary doctor at the National Trust for Nature Conservation’s Biodiversity Conservation Center, giving birth through surgery is rare not only in Nepal but also in the world. Only about 14 such cases have been reported so far worldwide. The successful completion of the task of treating a wild animal has brought more energy to the conservation sector.

The team of senior veterinarians from Chitwan National Park successfully carried out breeding in the breeding center for about two hours, resulting in the birth of 62 cubs in this breeding center in 2054. This success has further strengthened the efforts towards wildlife conservation.