August 20, 2023: Bharatpur Metropolitan City has announced an exciting plan for tourists visiting during the Bharatpur visit year in 2024. The city will showcase captive tigers from Chitwan National Park to enhance the tourist experience. Mayor Renu Dahal has requested the park to prepare for this initiative.

Chitwan National Park’s Chief Conservation Officer, Dil Bahadur Purja Pun, shared that there are currently five tigers being held in captivity at the park’s rehabilitation center. The park is making arrangements to display these tigers to visitors by creating a designated area at the Wildlife Rescue Center in Devnagar.

However, the final decision on the location for showcasing the tigers is still pending. Presently, three tigers are at the rehabilitation center due to their history of attacking humans, while two others are located in Sauraha. Ganesh Prasad Tiwari, the park’s information officer, expressed support for this idea, stating that displaying caged tigers for tourists would not only provide a unique attraction but also potentially boost tourism and revenue.

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