May 11, 2023: According to sources, Camp II on Mt Everest was destroyed by high winds this afternoon. Pemba Dorje Sherpa stated that strong winds blew the tents off the mountain, but fortunately, no one was injured. The wind gusts reached speeds of 80-90 kph, causing most of the tents to be blown away and a few to be covered with rocks.

Sherpa mentioned that the sound of the winds could be heard from Everest Base Camp, indicating the situation’s intensity. As a result, climbers and support staff descended to the base camp for safety. However, the expedition members will eventually need to return to the higher camps and rebuild.

Michael Hamill, confirmed the strong winds at Camp II and above, stating that the tents had been under constant battering for a few days.

Weather reports suggest that the high winds are expected to persist for the next few days. However, the Rope fixing team from Imagine Nepal Treks plans to commence their summit push on May 13 or 14, depending on the weather conditions.