September 02, KATHMANDU, Nepal – Nepal’s tourism industry is celebrating a remarkable surge in international tourist arrivals, according to the latest figures released by the Nepal Tourism Board (NTB). Between January and August of 2023, the picturesque nation nestled in the Himalayas played host to an impressive 601,360 visitors from around the world. The month of August alone saw a notable increase, with 67,153 tourists making their way to the country, representing a significant upswing compared to the same period last year when the count stood at 41,304. For perspective, in 2019, the figure reached 73,814.

Maniraj Lamichhane, the Director of the Nepal Tourism Board, expressed his optimism about this positive trend in tourist arrivals. He emphasized that this surge is a clear indicator of the nation’s growing appeal as a travel destination and the increasing confidence of tourists in the region. Lamichhane went on to say, “As the tourists’ arrival from expected destinations continues to rise, we are hopeful that the year will culminate with the arrival of a million tourists.”

August proved to be a particularly enticing month for Nepal, attracting a diverse group of tourists from various corners of the globe. The majority of visitors during this month hailed from India, with an impressive total of 26,665 travelers crossing the border into Nepal. China followed closely behind with 5,007 visitors, while the United States and Sri Lanka contributed 4,629 and 3,558 tourists, respectively. The list goes on, with 3,190 arrivals from Bangladesh, 2,711 from the United Kingdom, 1,588 from Spain, 1,520 from Japan, 1,416 from Italy, and 1,347 from Australia.

These statistics reflect Nepal’s growing appeal as a travel destination, with its breathtaking landscapes, rich cultural heritage, and warm hospitality serving as a magnet for travelers worldwide. The government and stakeholders in the tourism industry are hopeful that this surge in arrivals will continue, boosting the country’s economy and cementing its reputation as a top-tier travel destination in the years to come.

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