July 13, 2023: Nepal’s Civil Aviation Authority has imposed a temporary ban on three types of helicopter flights until September to ensure safe helicopter operations. Following the recent helicopter accident involving Manang Air in Solukhumbu, which claimed the lives of six people, including five foreign tourists, the authority has issued new regulations. According to the new rules, helicopter flights will be restricted in the mountains, and unnecessary flights for a period of about two and a half months.

In addition to ensuring safety in flights, the authority has made four other decisions, which are as follows:

  1. Formation of a daily control and supervision team for helicopter and small aircraft operations and monitoring.
  2. Conducting weekly reviews and granting operation permits focused on rescue flights during the monsoon season until September.
  3. Making it mandatory to have at least one designated helipad for departures and landings during flight operations.
  4. Withdrawing special commercial flight privileges for the pilot team with shared ownership in the company.

These measures have been implemented to enhance the safety of helicopter operations and prevent accidents in Nepal. The Civil Aviation Authority aims to ensure that helicopter flights adhere to strict regulations and guidelines to safeguard the lives of passengers and promote secure aviation practices.

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