December 16, Solukhumbu: The number of snow leopards in the Sagarmatha National Park area has increased by about 26 percent. According to a preliminary report of a survey conducted in the park about three months ago, the number of snow leopards has increased by 26 percent compared to the fiscal year 2073/74. BS.

According to Bhumiraj Upadhyaya, chief conservation officer of the park, there were 222 snow leopards in the survey of the previous year but the survey conducted about three months ago has shown more than 300 snow leopards.However, the final report of the census is yet to come, said the park office in Namche.

It is also estimated that the number of Himalayan thar in the park has increased significantly.

The park estimates that wildlife may have increased with the increase in habitat in the park area.According to Upadhyaya, the chief conservation officer of the park, the locals themselves have been involved in forest conservation for the last few years.

Snow leopard in sagarmatha national park