May 1, Kathmandu: The rope fixing team on Mt Everest reached above 7400m. The team of 11 Sherpas reached Camp 4. According to Expedition organizing company, they are planning to reach Summit on May 10.

climber and pilot Simone Moro on April 23 wrote on social media “11 rotations carrying heavy material and taking away garbage from Camp 2 of Everest (6450 mt.). In this way, the crossing of the Icefall, very dangerous for the Sherpas, was avoided.”

He shared a video

Video Source: Simone Moro

The climbing companies are preparing complete all the climbs by the month of May.

Climbers have already started their acclimatization rotations.

According to the Department of tourism 316 climbers have taken permits to climb Mt Everest this season.

Today One climber was rescued from Everest Camp II.

Everest 2
Image source: Lakpa Sherpa