July 25:  Italian mountaineer Francois Cazzanelli witnessed unidentified British climber’s fatal fall.

After 12 hours of climbing, only 30 minutes climb from the summit at around noon, Cazzanelli reached the 8,035m fore summit, he was only 30 minutes away from the actual summit. He crossed paths with a British climber who was on his way down. As they passed each other, the Italian climber looked back and saw the British mountaineer suddenly losing his balance in the narrow passageway and crashing into a wall. he leaned out in case he could see the Englishman. There was no trace of him. After that incident he called his teammate at Base Camp he tells tells him, “DOWN NOW” and begins to descend calmly, taking all necessary precautions. Before arriving at camp, he finds footprints in the snow from the tremendous impact of the body.

He returned to the base camp safely.

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Image Source: Francois Cazzanelli