June 02, 2023: The Nepali Army team has collected 34,000 kilograms of garbage from four Himalayan peaks, including Sagarmatha (Mount Everest). Under the Clean Himalaya Campaign 2023, the Nepali Army-led team collected 34,166 kilograms of garbage from Everest, Lhotse, Annapurna, and Baruntse. This team has reported that they have collected the largest amount of garbage from these mountains so far under this campaign. The Coca-Cola Foundation has collaborated as a major donor in this campaign, which is considered the largest Himalayan cleanliness program in the world.

The campaign started on March 28 and will conclude on June 5. Each year, when mountaineers, Sherpas, and porters ascend these mountains, they leave behind both biodegradable and non-biodegradable waste, which becomes a problem in waste management. The campaign team, consisting of 97 members from the Nepali Army and Sherpa supporters, has faced extremely difficult weather conditions during their efforts.

Sherpas, medical officers, rescue operators, local communities, and other supportive hands, have collected garbage from all areas, including trails and campsites, to support the proper management of waste. After collecting the garbage, efforts are being made to recycle it, and the campaign’s recycling partner has already transferred the collected waste from Annapurna and Baruntse Himalayas for processing.

To raise awareness and encourage public participation, the Clean Himalaya Campaign is showcasing its continuous efforts through digital screens in cities such as Kathmandu, Lalitpur, Pokhara, and Bharatpur. Once the goal of collecting 35 tons of garbage is achieved, a closing ceremony will be organized in Kathmandu to celebrate the campaign’s success. This event will coincide with World Environment Day on June 5 and will highlight the significance of collective efforts in environmental conservation, along with the upcoming publication of a book on the subject.

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