October 17, 2023: In the upper Mustang area, a foreign tourist has been rescued by a helicopter. The district police office in Mustang informed that on Wednesday, at noon, around 12 o’clock, a 58-year-old Dutch tourist named Edwin Biktar was rescued by a helicopter in Kathmandu.

On Monday, September 21, a Dutch tourist named Edwin Biktar, who had entered the police checkpoint in Jomsom, was rescued by a helicopter from Kailash Air to Kathmandu after experiencing health problems. This information was provided by Inspector Dinesh Gautam of the district police office in Mustang. He, along with his wife and a travel companion, had left Upper Mustang. On the fourth day of their trip, they encountered health problems, and directly from Charang in Upper Mustang, they were airlifted to Kathmandu by the police.

Prior to this, from September 21 to 24, within a 3-day period, three foreign tourists had lost their lives due to altitude sickness. Among them, two were Indian tourists and one was from Ukraine. Last year, 10 tourists in Mustang lost their lives due to altitude sickness.

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