July 03: French paraglider, Xavier Alain, is missing after he took off from an upper area of Aliabad, the administrative center of Gilgit-Baltistan’s Hunza district on Saturday.

According to the local press, the French paraglider took off with two Spanish paragliders they landed in Ganish area of Hunza after some time, but the French were missing they were unable to find or contact Alain. Both Spanish national’s names are not revealed. A search operation has been launched to locate the missing paraglider. The area where the Spanish paraglider landed is dangerous and rescuers may face difficulty in finding the missing paraglider. A rescue operation has been launched to trace the missing paraglider.  The two Spanish paragliders are also trying to contact their missing colleague.

Hunza is one of Pakistan’s most popular paragliding areas.

Image Source: Hunza valley paragliding