In a single day 145 climbers climbed world’s second highest mountain K2 this season. According to a tourism official in Gilgit Baltistan 207 permits were issued for climbing K2 this season. According to expedition organizing company in Pakistan 20 female climbers have summited K2┬áthis season.

Nepalese climber Mingma G recorded a short video from bottle neck area where climbers had to be in long queue.

video source: Mingma G/ Facebook

Many mountaineers considered K2 to be more technically challenging than Everest and too dangerous to commercialize. Due to fixed ropes, supplemental oxygen and Sherpa support have made 8,000m peaks easier.

Also the relative ease of travel compared to previous years and a stable political situation in the country, is believed to have contributed to the record number of ascents.

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Image source: Seven summit treks