April 07, Kathmandu: A 70-year-old French mountaineer Marc Batard to test the possibility of a new route to Mount Everest. According to officials Government of Nepal is likely to give a go-ahead to test the possibility of a newly explored route to Mount Everest.

 Initiation of the Tourism Revival Committee under the Ministry of Culture, Tourism & Civil Aviation organized a program to inform that the new route will be opened this spring.

The new route was explored last November by a team of Marc Batard. However, the plan was started the last spring the team conducted an aerial survey at that time. Nepal France joint team successfully conducted a survey and exploration.

According to mountaineers and officials, the new route helps to skip the dangerous part of the Everest expedition Khumbu icefall.

Marc Batard says”New route is comparatively safer as climbers can attempt to scale the world’s highest peak escaping the treacherous and dangerous icefall section.”

“It is always heart-wrenching to hear about many deaths reported in the treacherous icefall section with a large number of climbers needing to cross the section multiple times during their expedition to Mt Everest or Mt Lhotse, That’s why we initiated the exploration of the new and comparatively safe route above the base camp” He added.

According to Batard, the new route is rociker, and very less chances of an avalanche. The new is 300m longer.

Everest new route
Image source: Yorick Vion