July,16 2023: Nepal’s Member of Parliament Sonam Gyaltshen Sherpa has demanded the implementation of regulations governing the criteria for Mount Everest climbing. During the National Assembly meeting held on Tuesday, Sherpa emphasized the need to establish proper guidelines within the Mountaineering Regulations Act.

Sherpa expressed concern over granting recognition to those who have climbed Mount Everest from the second camp using helicopters. He stressed the importance of specifying the routes from which climbers ascend Mount Everest and ensuring that recognition is given only to those who follow the designated paths. Sherpa also highlighted the adverse effects of increasing pollution in the Himalayan region due to tourism, emphasizing the government’s responsibility to not only promote tourism but also prevent its negative consequences.

The call for regulatory measures in the field of mountaineering comes amidst growing concerns over the commercialization and safety of Mount Everest expeditions. With the increasing popularity of climbing the world’s highest peak, there has been a surge in the number of climbers attempting the ascent. This has raised questions about the sustainability of the mountain’s ecosystem and the well-being of both climbers and Sherpa guides.

Sherpa’s proposal aims to address these pressing issues by establishing clear criteria and guidelines for climbers, ensuring that the ecological balance of the region is maintained, and mitigating the environmental impact caused by tourism. By setting specific routes for ascents and providing recognition only to climbers who adhere to these routes, Sherpa hopes to preserve the sanctity of Mount Everest and protect its fragile ecosystem.

The government, in collaboration with relevant authorities and experts in the field, will need to assess the feasibility of implementing such regulations. The concerns raised by Sherpa reflect a growing need to strike a balance between promoting tourism and protecting the environment, ensuring that Mount Everest remains an iconic and sustainable destination for generations to come.

As the discussions continue, it is expected that further deliberation and consultation will take place to formulate comprehensive regulations that address the concerns raised by Sherpa and other stakeholders. The preservation of Mount Everest’s pristine environment and the safety of climbers should remain at the forefront of any decision-making process regarding mountaineering regulations.

In conclusion, Sonam Gyaltshen Sherpa’s call for the establishment of regulations governing Mount Everest climbing criteria highlights the importance of striking a balance between tourism development and environmental preservation. The implementation of clear guidelines will not only ensure the safety of climbers but also protect the fragile ecosystem of the Himalayan region. It is hoped that the government will address these concerns and work towards sustainable practices in mountaineering to safeguard the future of Mount Everest as a global treasure.

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