October 20, Solukhumbu: Four people who went climbing the 6,476-meter-high Mera Peak in the Everest region have lost contact. A tourist porter has died in the Mera peak area due to heavy snowfall.

According to the district police office 28 years old, Jeevan Kulung died on the way back from Mera peak. According to the police, the deceased had reached Thanganak after falling ill in Kulung Khare (a lower area considered as a tourist camp).

According to Khareka hoteliers, he had reached the high camp in Mera peak climbing team carrying accommodation materials. After returning from the camp, he fell ill in Khare.

There is even a British citizen who is out of contact. According to Shantavir Lama, president of the Nepal Mountaineering Association, two members of the 15-member team who went to record the Guinness Book of World Records by dancing on Mera peak and two others who went climbing the peak are missing.

Lama said that they disappeared after the snowfall with the change of weather.

“Three of the four who lost contact have their GPS locations in a cave at an altitude of 5,600 meters, but they have lost contact,” “Looks like another one got lost on the way back, “Lama said

Lama said there was up to 10 feet of snow in the area. He said rescue helicopters could not be sent due to the snowfall.

He said that the people returning on the way did not reach the ‘high camp’.”He can survive when he arrives at the high camp,” said Lama.

Lama said that the Chief District Officer of Solukhumbu and the police have been informed.”We have sent a rescue team,” Lama said.

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