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“Asma al-Thani Successfully climbed Mt Manaslu without oxygen 27/09/2021. she stated that the Qatar flag has been raised for the first time on the top of Manaslu. It was a challenging journey that pushed me out of my comfort zone at every level.
From training 2 times a day.

Princess Al Thani arrived in Nepal last spring with the goal of climbing the seven highest peaks of the seven continents and stepping on two poles.

She has previously climbed Mount Aconcagua at 6,969 meters in South America, Mount Kilimanjaro at 5,895 meters in Africa, and Mount Elbrus at 5,642 meters in Europe.

Asma said she was climbing the mountain to promote women’s empowerment in Qatar and inspire the new generation of women in the region to carry big dreams. This month, 171 foreign climbers from 20 different countries have taken permission to climb Manaslu

According to the statistics of the Department of Tourism, most of the climbers from Nepal are going to climb this mountain.

Sherpa said that with the help of guides and other climbers, more than 500 peaks will be reached in Manaslu Himal this month.

Along with Manaslu Himal, permission has been sought to climb five mountains this month. According to the Department of Tourism, 171 people, including 133 men and 38 women from 17 climbing teams, have taken permission to climb Manaslu Himal.

Similarly, eight members of a team have taken permission to climb Mariyang Himal and 40 members of four teams have taken permission to climb Dhaulagiri Himal.

According to the department, a total of 230 climbers, including three members of a team for climbing Kanchenjunga, five members of a team for climbing Kumbhakarna, and three members of a team for climbing Putha Himachali, have taken permission.

The department has collected revenue of Rs 23 million 78 thousand 356 from mountaineering fees.

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image source:शिव उप्रेती