Oct,15,2023: A Russian female mountaineer who went missing on Mt. Dhaulagiri yesterday morning was sighted above 6,000 meters during an aerial search operation today. Nadezhda Oleneva, 38 years old, was spotted at approximately 6,100 meters by a Kailash Helicopter team led by Senior Captain Philipp Schwegler and Roman Abildaev. They found her trapped in an ice sheet fracture.

Sources, announced plans for a long-line rescue to evacuate Nadezhda, emphasizing that her fate remained uncertain. The timing of the rescue would depend on weather conditions and was tentatively scheduled for tomorrow morning.

Nadezhda had fallen into a crevasse at around 6,680 meters at 11:25 am the previous day, while part of a three-member Russian climbing team attempting to ascend Dhaulagiri without using a base camp or Sherpa support. Her companions, Roman Abildaev and Radom Kashapov, reported that she had descended approximately 500 meters based on GPS coordinates. All three climbers aimed to tackle Dhaulagiri in an alpine style without relying on supplemental oxygen, according to sources.