In the past spring season on the world’s highest peak, Mount Everest, Malaysian climber Muhammad Hawari Hashim went missing. The search campaign for Muhammad Hawari Hashim is scheduled for this upcoming spring season.

Muhammad Hawari Hashim, the Malaysian climber, has been missing since May 18, 2023. On that day, he was last seen in the Chukkung area of Everest. On May 20, at around 3:40 PM, he successfully ascended from Camp 4 (8,000 meters), as informed by Nivesh Karki, the Expedition Organizing Company. Hashim achieved the feat of being the first to climb Everest on May 18, making him a record holder in the list of successful climbers.

The 33-year-old climber’s search is planned for the upcoming spring season next year (April and May). Nivesh Karki, the Executive Director of Pioneer Adventure Company, mentioned that all expedition companies will collaborate to search for him. Hashim’s climb has not only established him as the first to reach the summit on May 18 but also as the record holder for losing the sense of hearing, making it an achievement in the history of Everest climbers.

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