July 02,2023: A second group of climbers has conquered the formidable Nanga Parbat, earlier successful expedition was on June 26. However, this time, the climbers reached the summit later in the day, facing adverse weather conditions and the absence of previously fixed ropes beyond an altitude of 7,300 meters.

The first to conquer the summit today began their ascent at 11 am, closely followed by other expedition organizers team around noon. Notably, a majority of the local climbers embarked on this challenging feat without the aid of bottled oxygen, exemplifying their exceptional endurance and skill.

Anja Blacha of Germany and Csaba Varga of Hungary achieved this feat without the use of supplemental oxygen or personal sherpa support. Varga, in particular, reached the summit during the late hours, precisely at 3 pm.

According to sources, Most of the climbers who conquered Nanga Parbat today are driven by their ambition to conquer the illustrious 14×8000’ers. With their sights set on their next conquest, they will set their course toward the Gasherbrums, planning their ascent for the upcoming week. Among this determined group are Naila Kiani and Samina Baig from Pakistan, Uta Ibraini from Albania-Kosovo, Josette Valloton from Switzerland, and Chris Warner from the United States.

On Broad Peak, there is no current information regarding successful summits. Climbers on the neighboring K2, on the other hand, have reported encountering severe weather conditions, resulting in a collective decision to wait. Despite the inclement weather, the rope-fixing team from 8K managed to complete the route to Camp 2, defying heavy snowfall and strong winds.

The mountaineering community eagerly anticipates further updates on the progress of climbers on Broad Peak and the unfolding events on K2. As the climbers brace themselves for the challenges that lie ahead, their unwavering determination and courage continue to inspire adventurers worldwide.

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Image source: SST