December 27, 2022: Tourism professionals have expressed their concern over the decrease in the arrival and length of stay of tourists after the expansion of the road network has started to cover the trekking routes. Due to the road network, many old and famous footpaths in the Annapurna region and Dhaulagiri region have started to be paved.

Sushilraj Paudel, president of Trekking Agencies Association of Nepal (TAAN), Gandaki, said that due to the road, the question has arisen as to where the businessmen can do business. Stating that the question may arise as to why people come to Nepal, he suggested that the protection of these hiking trails and natural beauty should be promoted in the way of promoting tourism.

He said that even the three-week-long Annapurna cycle route has been shortened in a week and dozens of other tourist routes including the path leading to Ghorepani in Myagdi are being shortened and destroyed.

Tikaram Sapkota, the former president and adviser of TAAN Gandaki, said that 60 percent of the tourists who come to Pokhara used to go on a trek, but now such a rate has decreased significantly.