Efforts are currently underway to evacuate 84-year-old Carlos Soria, a seasoned Spanish mountaineer, from the high camp on Mt Dhaulagiri, according to sources close to the situation. The incident occurred when Soria slipped and fell on the climbing route above camp III, sustaining injuries while climbing above 7,000 meters. Base camp officials reported that a group of Sherpa climbers promptly responded to the distress call and are currently assisting Soria in descending from the incident site due to his leg injuries. Still climbing at the grand age of 84, Soria was attempting Dhaulagiri for the 14th time. 

Recognizing the urgency of the situation, the mountaineering organization has made arrangements to have a helicopter on standby at the lower camp. This preparedness will enable them to swiftly evacuate Soria once he reaches a lower altitude, ensuring prompt medical attention for the injured climber.

Carlos Soria, a remarkable individual, had set out on his 15th attempt to conquer Mt Dhaulagiri. Notably, he became the first mountaineer to successfully climb ten mountains above 8,000 meters after turning 60, with his inaugural accomplishment on Nanga Parbat when he was 50 years old. Despite his vast experience and previous attempts on the world’s sixth-highest peak, Soria had not yet reached the summit.

Soria’s relentless pursuit of his passion for mountaineering has captured the admiration and respect of the climbing community worldwide. His determination to push the boundaries of age and physical endurance has been an inspiration to many, establishing him as an iconic figure in the mountaineering realm.

Concerns for Soria’s well-being have prompted a wave of support and encouragement from fellow mountaineers, as well as from people who have followed his remarkable journey over the years. The global climbing community eagerly awaits updates on his condition and the success of the ongoing rescue operation.

As the rescue efforts continue, the focus remains on ensuring the safe evacuation of Carlos Soria from Mt Dhaulagiri. The dedication and expertise of the Sherpa climbers provide a glimmer of hope for a positive outcome to this challenging situation. The mountaineering world fervently hopes for Soria’s swift recovery, enabling him to continue pursuing his dreams and inspiring generations to come with his indomitable spirit.

Journalist Alessandro Filippini reports that Polish climbers Bartek Ziemski and Oswald Pereira (who summited and skied down Dhaulagiri last weekend) have returned to help with the rescue. A helicopter airlifted them from Kathmandu and dropped them at Camp 2 on Dhaulagiri, the highest point possible because of weather conditions.

Carlos Soria Dhaulagiri