June 17: Asma Al Thani has successfully climbed Mt. Denali (6,190 m), the highest mountain in North America, after successfully climbing the world’s highest peak, Mount Everest.

Along with Nirmal Purja and Mingma David Sherpa, She climbed Mt Denali.

She plans to climb the seven highest peaks of the world’s seven continents and set foot on two poles.

Nirmal Purja Wrote on Social Media ” We summitted the highest peak in North America (6,190m) within two days and exped over and out within four days” On Day 2 we went straight into our summit push directly from Camp 2/11000ft – with a 22-hour turn around to go to the summit and back to Camp 2. We summitted at 1.40 am – which is the coldest part of the day. So, the whole exped took us 4 days to complete.”

Image Source: Nirmal Purja
Image Source: Nirmal Purja